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Colorful signs describing features of Ruth Rowell Modie Wildlife Park have been installed in cement towers that replicate the historic stone towers. Take a virtual tour of the park through the interpretative panels by clicking on the links below.

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Don Modie’s donation envisioned a quiet place in the city.

A year round spring creates a water way in the southern part of the park forming a series of wetland ponds where a variety of plants and animals can be found.

At first you may wonder where the wildlife is in this Wildlife Park but, if you sit quietly, you may be surprised.

The motion picture axiom, “If you build it, they will come” might have just as well been penned to describe the behavior of butterflies and humming birds after humans build butterfly gardens. Your summer visit to the Lois Rowland Butterfly Garden will certainly be rewarded with blooms and fragrances. If you have time to watch, you might see butterflies and humming birds.

The Fitness Path is Regence BlueShield of Idaho’s gift to the citizens of Lewiston. Stroll through the park or use the maps on the pillars to create your personal exercise regimen.

Modie Park is being developed as an outdoor nature classroom. Some of the introduced plants you see here adapt easily, others require special care. They are here because they have a story to tell.

Every year since 1996 Modie Park Conservancy, Inc. has planted an Armstrong Maple on the last Saturday of April in the Ceremonial Ring. The planting celebrates Arbor Day and the fact that Lewiston has been named a Tree City, USA, every year since 1988 and received the Arbor Day Foundation’s Growth award 15 times and as well as the prestigious Sterling Award.

Explore the benefits of living roofs. They are an old idea whose time has come. Runoff from hard surfaces, like parking lots, sidewalks, streets, and roofs, deliver water with sediments and pollution to rivers during storm events. Permeable surfaces provide a pollution solution.

On the ridge north of the Idaho State Veterans’ Home, a grove of stately trees and colorful plants is being planted as a salute to veterans.

Almost one hundred years ago, two pairs of stone towers were built to serve as a grand entrance to the Lewiston Orchards. Today the remaining towers mark the entry to Ruth Rowell Modie Wildlife Park and the Osborn Interpretative Center.

Thanks for taking this virtual tour of Ruth Rowell Modie Park plan to stop by, weather permitting, for an in person visit.

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