Regence Fitness Path

The Regence Fitness Path provides pedestrian access to Ruth Rowell Modie Wildlife Park from a number of locations.

Countless scientific studies show that regular exercise helps keep us healthy and that walking is an excellent form of low impact exercise. To plan your own walking regime in Modie Park compute the distance of your route using the fitness panel located at the north end of the Burman Grove. The first four access points below are wheel chair accessible.

Fitness Path Access Points:

  • ADA parking lot at 1035 21st Avenue
  • Access road surrounding the Idaho State Veterans Home
  • Sidewalk on the east side of 8th Street in the 1900 block
  • 10th Street and Gateway Drive near the historic stone tower
  • Cul-de-sac in the 2200 block of 13th Street

Construction of the pathway was done in stages over several years. Asphalt milled from Thain Road paving projects was re-cycled as a base for the path. A major grant from Regence BlueShield of Idaho helped pave pathway in 2001.


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