Osborn Interpretive Center

Every day thousands of people drive between the historic stone towers on 8th Street, built as gates to the Lewiston Orchards. Perhaps you remember when an Osborn Vineyards sign, beside one of the towers, advertised the fresh produce available that day. Grapes, figs, melons, tomatoes, onions… Ralph and Anabel grew them all on their two acre plot at 1901 8th Street and on adjoining land leased from the City of Lewiston after moving there in 1968. With their horticultural background the Osborns were the perfect successors to Gregory Eaves, the property’s previous owner. He was an orchardist, vintner, horticulturist and Lewiston’s Parks Superintendent who planted many of the exotic species at his home and throughout Lewiston.

Anabel Osborn was a founding member and director of Modie Park Conservancy, Inc. She helped craft the concept plan for the park that envisions outdoor classroom where people of all ages can come to learn. In 1996, she donated her home on 2 acres containing unique plant species to further that mission after her death. The Conservancy is creating a concept plan for the Osborn Interpretive Center. To assist in the process of creating a place where youth and adults can learn about natural processes write [email protected].

Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands.  The Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands is trustee of Anabel’s donation to the City of Lewiston.

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