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Ruth Rowell Modie Park is a green belt approximately one half mile long between 8th Street and 14th Street and between 18th and Vineyard Avenues in Lewiston, Idaho. Landmarks on 8th Street are the Idaho State Veterans’ Home parking lot and The stone towers near Osborns’ Vineyards.

The Regence Fitness path provides pedestrian access through the length and width of the park. There are five points of entry for visitor access to the pathway system:

  • Parking and restroom are located at 1035 21st Avenue
  • Intersection of 10th Street and Gateway Drive by the historic stone tower
  • 2200 block of 13th Street
  • From the sidewalk on the East side of 8th Street in the 1900 block
  • From the fire lane surrounding the Idaho State Veteran’s Home

Modie Park Conservancy, Inc. is a non profit citizens’ group formed in 1992 to work with Lewiston’s Department of Parks and Recreation to plan, develop, and maintain Ruth Rowell Modie Wildlife Park.

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