Table Grape Presentation

When a concept plan for Osborn Interpretative Center is written it will certainly include a Table Grape Vineyard. For many years, placards on the Osborn Vineyard sign on 8th Street changed with the seasons to advertise Grape Starts, Bird Netting, Table Grapes, or Grape Juice. Anabel Osborn turned the operation of her table grape vineyard over to Modie Park Conservancy volunteers as a moneymaking venture in 1996. She said there would be no problem finding a market for the varieties of seedless grapes that she grew… Himrod, Monukka, Venus, Harmony, Canadice, and Niagara. Her written instructions described when to prune, spraying, weed control, cluster thinning, placing bird netting, and when to harvest.

There were grapes on the property when Anabel moved there with her husband, Ralph, in 1968. Greg Eaves, the previous owner, planted grapes there around 1935. After prohibition, Eaves operated Idaho’s first bonded winery. Fifths sold through the Idaho Liquor Store were labeled Garden of Eaves.

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