Butterfly Garden
Modie Park Conservancy – Planning Module
Updated 11/2002
A planting of the proper species of flowering plants in a small area can attract an interesting array butterflies, moths and hummingbirds.
Background/ Time Line
February 1994 a butterfly garden was identified at a public hearing as a desirable feature of the park complex.
1995 Included in the bubble plan
1996 MPC Planning Module written, outlining 8 considerations for butterfly garden (see original).
1998 Primary Pathway system roughed in with grader. Base rock applied
March 1999 Arizona Cypress and other conifers transplanted with tree spade along the windward side of proposed butterfly garden.
June 1999 Irrigation completed with 1”standpipe 100 feet from butterfly garden.
Spring 2000 First Butterfly planting over taken by weeds
Spring 2001 New 1” Standpipe installed east of remnants of butterfly garden. Grubby Knuckles Garden Club cleans garden and donates several flats of annuals.
March 2002 surviving perennials out planted
Spring April 2002 Girl Scouts receive $500 grant from Wal-Mart. Dedicated it to plant material for butterfly garden. New plants and out planted plants it on Girl Scout Green it and Clean it Day.


The Garden is about 10,000 square feet in size. Features as built include:
– a gravel path 100 feet long and three feet wide representing the body of a butterfly and 4 arching two foot wide paths representing the wings of a butterfly.
– courtyard with flagstone pavers
– wooden arbor of 4×4’s at entrance
– two marble benches – Memorials to Lois Rowland
– cement bench
– wooden arbor at the south of courtyard
-14 underground sprinkler heads connected to clock in the restroom
– 1″ frost free standpipe
– a variety of perennial plants planted through the years
– a variety of trees and shrubs
– cement interpretative tower with two four color signs
– A wind break of trees to the west consisting of Arizona Cypress, spruce, Concolor Fir, White Pine.
– Metal statue of girl chasing butterflies, Memorial to the Mitchels

Long Term Vision



Action Items